Sidney Show Cases News Report

A US general warns the Senate Armed services committee in hearing about taking the
human operator out of the Autonomous weapons Systems. I am doing this after reading the news so I’m going to tell you in my words what I seen. we should keep the power of
taking human lives in human hand and not give a robot the decision making power to take human lives it is man made and anything that a man builds things can go wrong.
If any one has ever worked on anything man made shows it can malfunction that is a fact. If we did have that technology it should be under lock and key. Some things you just should not build , now that’s my words and thoughts about it, people will have their own thoughts I am just bringing it up.
I want to say I hope I am not doing anything wrong with this report or using this photo

I respect the copy rights and I am sorry if I am out of line.My Robot report photo

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